Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bring On the Mission Bay Buccaneers. I Think We Can Take 'Em This Year

At this point, it’s hard to be original. The whole of the sports world is singing the praises of our glorious Chargers. Brees is a hot topic on every sports website going. Gates is poised to take the tight end crown from Tony Gonzales, and everybody knows that “He To Which All Others Must Be Compared” will be back at 100% percent after the bye, and ready to wreak havoc on those unfortunate to put themselves in his path. We are the hottest story in the NFL…

…except for that ‘Burger guy. Go figure, the Chargers have to compete with the second coming of Marino. It’s not our fault he gets to actually compete with teams that don’t suck. We didn’t make up the schedule. Let us have our thunder, damn it!.

Eh, I’m not really complaining. This team is firing on cylinders we weren’t even supposed to have. Even our defense is showing up. I mean New Orleans has some talent, but hell if we didn’t show them a little contain. Everything is working. Fake punt? Are you kidding? Safety? I can’t remember our last. Forcing the quarterback to throw a backwards pass to a lineman, which was almost picked by the Ref? Not quite sure that’s ever happened. Yeah, I like what I see.

Anyway, just a quickie there, not ready to sound off on what I think of this Brees/Rivers situation, but I’ll address it soon. Until then, Go Bolts! Please continue to play at a caliber which makes me able to remember the game even when I’m that hammered. Sweet.

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