Friday, November 19, 2004

I've Missed You The Most, Scarecrow!

Ahh, what a lovely break. The bye week has certainly replenished this battered shell of mine. Caught up on my correspondence and powered my way through about half of a really good book. Spent last Sunday watching the also-rans vie against one another for a piece of “almost best” pie. All in all, it was a pleasant escape for yours truly, but now it’s time to get back into this thing we call Charger football.

Yesterday at work, the Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities made clear his allegiance to those pirates from up north. No, I don’t mean the automated gang out of Disneyland, but rather, the less threatening persons up there in Oakland. I must say, for a moment I had to question my fealty to this particular corporate organization. Then, as I drove home, I took heart in all that I saw around me. In parking lot traffic, the I-5 was a sea of Charger Power bumper stickers, banners and antenna balls. Last night the bar was awash in Lightening Bolt emblazoned caps, jackets and beanies. It occurred to me then that the people of this town know when their team sucks. You can see the despair in their faces and you can tell by the way the skanks in the Beachcomber work overtime to raise the spirits of the dejected on a Sunday night. It’s work on those nights. In realizing this, I have to believe that these same fans are equally sentient in regards to an entirely opposite situation. A situation where our glorious warriors in blue and gold hammer down castigation like a monstrous cudgel on each and every lowly adversary this National Football League sees fit to set in their path. The situation we are experiencing right now.

Once again, my friends, there is no need for analysis. There is no sense in prediction. The outcome of this Sundays contest in the black ditch has already been mailed in. Etched in stone. The cards all came up Queen of Chargers, Chargers of Swords, and just plain Chargers. Drew Brees continues his San Diego Swan Song and Death comes ripping into the bay area. So smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and line up those victory shots, Bolts faithful. Then show them what class is and move along, there’s nothing to see here.

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