Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Pick for Tonight

So, I need to get this pick in real quick before tonight's game starts, but I hope to later let you all know how I feel about our stinky poo Chargers. I don't want to give anything away, so keep in mind that I could mean anything when I say "stinky poo." Anyway, tonight.

Chicago @ Green Bay
Thursady Night Football? Check. NFL Network? Check. Fuck this game? Check. I could go to the bar and watch this game. I mean, I'm on jury duty right now so I get to sleep in, and honestly how sober does one need to be to decide the fate of one's fellow man? Not very, I feel. But I doubt I'll go to the bar to watch two teams I would have a hard time caring any less about. I know a lot of you hate Jay Cutler, but like Eli, I'm learning that there's no reason to hate anybody for talking shit about our terrible organization. Jay Cutler will likely win a Superbowl before Philip Rivers, and seeing as the guy seems to have grown up over the last couple of years (meaning he figured out his offensive line was more likely to protect him if he was less of a twat), maybe he deserves it. Be that as it may, I don't quite buy the premature demise of Green Bay just because they lost to a very good Frisco team last week. Greg Jennings is out. It's not going to matter.
Packers 31, Bears 27

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