Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mark Fabiani is Probably a Lying Liar

Do yourself a non-favor and read this typical smug "you fans are so cute when you try to understand football" piece that Nick Canepa wrote in rebuttal to TJ Simers saying the Bolts would be bailing to L.A. soon. Hey everybody, Mark Fabiani laughed about it and said that it was wholly untrue (sort of). Um, Fabiani is the CHARGERS SPOKESPERSON and a LAWYER! If you believe anything Mark Fabiani says, go ahead and punch yourself in the nuts.

Here is the quote that Fabiani gives Nick Canepa in regards to what Simers said about the Bolts going to L.A.:

 “Not that I know of. If anything, the news out of L.A. makes a move there any time soon less likely.”

That is a non-commital response. That is not an answer. That is what cheaters say. That is utter bullshit. It is a 'yes' or 'no' question. This is like John Moore's calling the fans idiots for thinking that when he said the Padres would be competitive with a new ballpark, they somehow thought me meant the team on the field and not his team of accountants. It is subterfuge and it is obfuscation. Mark Fabiani is a weasel for allowing himself to be quoted thus.

Nick points out that if the Chargers wanted to move to L.A., they'd have done it years ago. Really? To where? The Colisseum? Let me make this as clear as I possibly can. The NFL wants a team in L.A. The NFL would love for that team to be the Chargers, because San Diego is a small potatoes football town. The NFL is not going to let Spanos leave one dump in San Diego for another dump in L.A., because then they will have no way to justify not giving us another franchise down the road like they had to with Houston, Cleveland and Baltimore. This issue has to be about a new stadium, which is why we still have Norv Turner. Turner will never win a Superbowl, so this town will never buy the Chargers a new stadium. They will make it look like the Chargers had no choice but to move because the citizens of San Diego just didn't "support" the team. Blackouts? No stadium? It's all your fault San Diego. L.A. let two football teams go and they're getting another chance. Why? Because L.A. is worth over $1,000,000,000 in TV revenue alone. We can't even get our baseball team's games on two of our major cable network providers. There is nothing here for the NFL.

Nick also says that if the Chargers ever threatened to leave San Diego, he's never heard it, and that's good enough for him. Why? Why is that good enough for him? More importantly, why would the team threaten to leave San Diego? Do cheaters threaten to cheat on their spouses or do they do it behind their backs?

The Chargers don't talk about their dealings with L.A. because they need to look totally innocent here in order to pull this off. the NFL is likely going to "donate" money to any stadium built in L.A. and they can only do that if it appears the Chargers dealt with the City of San Diego in good faith, and that the city still let them down. Because, otherwise, people would ask why the NFL wouldn't give money to San Diego, a town who clearly loved their team and wanted them to stay, instead of L.A. The NFL has to be able to say "San Diego refused to support their team, so we had to do what was best for the NFL and help relocate this unwanted team to L.A." They can't say that if it is openly known that the Chargers have been courting L.A. all along.

I will leave you with this. I believe it was during last off-season-I'd have to check the archives and I don't wanna-that I posted a column by Michael Silver at Yahoo! where he said several owners had told him that it is common knowledge that Spanos the elder always wanted to get this franchise to L.A. That's cocktail talk, and it's far different than what gets filtered or even excised through lawyers. Where there's smoke, there's fire, and we've been choking on the smoke in this town for over a decade.


Comrade said...

Every single American not living in San Diego can understand why the Chargers want to and should move to Los Angeles. The move would probably come with a parade and a national holiday.

Anonymous said...

You don't know what you're talking about.