Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's Talk Chargers Football

Let me preface everything I’m about to say by saying that I am thrilled the Chargers are 2-0 and at the exact second I’m writing this they are alone in first place in the AFC West. Check back in a few hours to see if anything’s changed. Even with all my naysaying, my loathing of AJ and my utter dissatisfaction with Norv Turner, I want this team to succeed. I want them to make me look foolish, and so far, so good. I could not have imagined we’d start out the season this strong. I also could not have imagined how bad our competition would be.

I expected the Raiders, with a healthy McFadden, would look a little less boring than that and give us some trouble. Well, they were awful. And you know what? They were awful again against the Dolphins, who actually scored TDs on them. A lot of TDs. The Dolphins are starting a rookie QB and they were able to score TDs. We start a QB that the locals will tell you is a lock for the Hall of Fame and we put on a field goal kicking seminar.

As for the Titans? Just wow. That is a sorry franchise. A few years ago, their O-line was so dominant that they were able to make Vince Young look competent. Chris Johnson ran for 2,000 yards and no one could even tell that he was terrified of contact. You can tell now. That dude couldn’t hit the hole with a wad of cash at the Hong Kong Club in Tijuana. It wouldn’t surprise me if they find Johnson lying dead in a ditch somewhere this week. That negates his contract in regards to the cap, right?

As for our performance against said Titans? Yes, we started out strong in the game, but then we turned around in the second quarter and tried to hand that quick start right back. And for about a quarter and a half, the Titans defense did everything in its power to turn the momentum around, but their sorry offense wouldn’t have it. Finally, even they shut it down-because why not?-and we were able mop the rest of the game up with Jackie Battle.

And hey, speaking of Jackie Battle, everybody please just relax. I’ve seen Jackie Battle. Jackie Battle has a sweet NFL name and is a big dude who’s plenty capable of running over a demoralized defense in the fourth quarter, but he is not the answer to all of our running game prayers. Of course, there’s very little sense in telling the die-hards.These are the same people who are still convinced we should have started Billy Volek in the 2007 AFC Championship game. But I get it, everybody wants a Battle jersey to replace their Sproles jersey.

One real positive that came of the game was that I finally now know why we signed a bushel of tight ends in the offseason. We have a tight end problem. Oh sure, right now we can handle it, but in a few weeks AJ will have Norv out hustling in back alleys for more tight end money. Dante Rosario catches TDs when there are Chargers on the field, so I guess it was a pretty good idea to sign him. McMichael and Green had some moments. I can’t be sure, but I think Justin Peelle even came back to town, suited up and caught four passes. You all remember Justin Peelle, right?

A couple of other stary observations:
  • Nice of the Bolts to retire Seau’s Jersey. Maybe if they’d done it while he was alive he’d still be here! Too harsh? Never mind, lovely ceremony.
  • I love Dan Fouts, but dude had a mini meltdown when the refs didn’t throw a flag for roughing the kicker. Not much contact there. Kind of embarrassing, Dan.
  • Seriously, Chris Johnson is a wuss. In terms of being a football player, that is. As a person, he’d still kick my ass in a fight. But that is neither my job nor his.
Next week it looks like we get our first real test when Atlanta comes to town, and when I started writing this I was pretty excited. Since then, they’ve picked off Manning 3 times and I’m not feeling as great about it. Still, until then…Go Bolts!!!

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