Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You're Not Going Anywhere, VJ!

At least not until AJ is through with you. This is the greatest article ever. A 2nd rounder plus a conditional pick? "No, I'll wait for my glorious compensatory pick!" Lord of the No Rings? Priceless.

Darren Smith said on the radio earlier that he did not believe AJ would hold onto Jackson out of spite or to teach him a lesson. It's like nobody who gets paid to cover sports in this town is even paying attention.

Oh, I also firmly believe AJ is reluctant to send Jackson to a team where he might get a ring before the Chargers do (which would be any team at this point, actually), which is why Minnesota is a no fit.

This is your team San Diego Chargers. Until the view from the top changes in this town, you can expect nothing but continued heartbreak. AJ Smith is a loser who's sure he's the big winner, and Dean Spanos would steal your wallet if given half the chance.

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