Tuesday, September 28, 2010

McNeill is Happy, Has a Gun Pointed at His Loved Ones

Marcus McNeill is back with the Chargers and according to Kevin Acee's article, he's super happy to be here and wants to remain so forever and ever. Right. I totally believe that. After being taken for about $2.7 million and still receiving no long term financial stability, McNeill is pleased as punch to be coming in and playing for AJ and the Chargers. Yeah Acee, also there's this bridge in San Francisco that, you know, I'd like to push you off of.

I'm pretty sure if you take every 4th word in McNeill's statements you come up with, "AJ has my family. Please call the police and DeMaurice Smith."

If you think there is any chance McNeill doesn't jump ship and land with the Chiefs as soon as he has the chance you are delusional.

Anyway, I'm happy he'll be returning, but is that really going to be enough? The problems on offense have more to do with sloppy ball protection than sloppy QB protection. The defense hasn't been the problem I thought it'd be...yet. The special teams suffers from a severe lack of playmakers, and the personnel is just not there to make it better. Osgood is gone. Siler plays predominantly on the regular D to fill the perennial hole at MLB we've had since Donnie freaking Edwards left and Steve Foley got shot by a cop. This team has no depth, because they trade up to get guys like Jacob Hester and waste 1st round picks on receivers who weren't even the number one guy on their college squad. The GM wears no clothes. It's gross. And if you point it out you're cut.

I listen to all you other San Diego fans saying that this happens every year. That soon enough we'll crank out 10 straight or some other such nonsense. Well, this ain't like every other year. Those early losses in years past came against tough opponents like the Ravens, Patriots and the hot out of the gate Broncos. You can say KC looks good right now, but they didn't look so hot the night they beat us. And Seattle had no business winning that game on Sunday. Are we playing down to bad opponents? I hope so, because that is the sort of thing that can be worked out. Or is the truth what I've been saying all along? That if Norv Turner thinks this is the best Chargers team he's had then he's clearly not paying attention, because from where I'm standing it very well could be the worst.

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