Thursday, September 23, 2010

More on AJ and Vinny Jack

I couldn't agree more with the article Michael Silver posted today over at Yahoo! about the AJ/VJ disaster. And if you don't believe that AJ has been a complete douche to Vincent Jackson' camp on this one, pay close attention to this part:

For example, sources say Jackson’s agents will attempt to get back at Smith by making sure their receiver, once he ends up with a new team next spring (or later, depending upon the uncertain labor landscape), has an inordinately low base salary for 2011 – which would likely reduce the compensatory pick the Chargers would receive for losing Jackson from a potential third-rounder to a sixth- or seventh-round selection.

If that turns out to be true, have you ever even heard of such a thing? Once again, San Diego franchises pave the way in dubious firsts.

The one thing missing from Silver's article, though, is any criticism whatsoever of ownership for not only allowing this to happen, but seemingly encouraging it. I guess that would have underminded Silver placing Dean Spanos in the upper half of his ownership rankings and lauding him for being a revolutionary penny pincher, bent on saving all of ownership from being held hostage by exhorbitant player salaries. Looks like Silver likes to have his cake and eat it too. Hey, just like Spanos!

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