Friday, September 03, 2010

Are We... Quarterback injury away from being the worst team in football*? That jump shot INT into the end zone by Billy Volek last night says yes. To call that pass ill-advised would be an insult to the term "ill-advised." If anyone ever advised you to make that throw they should be strangled with their own in intestines. I'll grant that most of the night Volek's line looked to be in disarray, and by disarray I mean something, something swiss cheese, blah, blah was that guy asleep? humina, humina fuck these ass holes. However, I think it's high time we address the fact that outside of one solid showing in the playoffs for about half aquarter against Indy a couple of years back, every single time Volek has touched the ball has ended in disaster. I understand the Mayan calendar ends with a picture of his face.

That secondary is terrible. Terrible. One of the announcers-not that idiot, BR-asked if new CB acquisition Bennett had a shot at taking that starting job opposite Jammer from Cason/Vasher, noting that neither player had blown open the competition. Um, does Bennett have arms and eyes? Either or? Cause then my guess would be that he has a shot. It was nice to know someone was paying attention. Those guys look awful, and I can't see it getting any better once the games start to mean something. The only chance this secondary has of limiting an opposing team's pass production is if the other team cannot stop itself from running for 500 yards a game against our horrible run defense. It looked like Techmo Bowl Bo Jackson out there for Frisco.

Pretty much everybody is saying that the Chargers will still take this division, because nobody is stepping up to take it from them. I ask you this, though. How far does a team have to actually step up? Is this team better than the team that went 8-8 a few years ago? Think about it. Because both the Chiefs and the Raiders are poised to take a shot at 8 wins. I got a bad feeling about this year.

*The Rams are actually the worst team in football, and I doubt we could fall that far.

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