Friday, September 10, 2010

Dean Spanos is Stupid II

More today from Kevin Acee on his interview with Dean Spanos. I have to give credit to Acee for at least bringing up the 5 year/$60 million contract Miles Austin signed with Dallas. To this Spanos, replies:

“No one or two players is above the entire team,” Spanos said. “It just doesn’t work that way. What if they were here and got hurt the first game? … What do you do then? Do you just give up? The ship has sailed. We’re going.

To this I would like to give out my first ever award for Most Invalid Argument Ever. What if they got hurt the first game? What if anybody gets hurt the first game? You've signed other players to contracts that reflect their performance and value to the team. What if those guys get hurt the first day? What if Rivers gets hurt the first day because you didn't sign McNeill? This sounds like something Norv Turner would say. Of course, that makes sense, since AJ writes Turner's lines for him and probably does the same for Dean.

Here's the surprise of the article, though. In spite of what I said yesterday, it appears Acee did ask Spanos why the team did not offer Jackson or McNeill a big one year deal. Here's what Acee writes of Dean's response:

Spanos reiterated the team’s stance it would not give Jackson or McNeill a big one-year deal, indicating it would be bad business, and said he thinks the Chargers have done enough in their efforts to be the best team possible.

It would be bad business? Care to elaborate? No? Okay, fuck you very much. And you say the team has done enough in their efforts to be the best team possible? Hardballing young Pro Bowl talent for trying to get a fair price? Inexplicable draft day trades to acquire midlevel talent at a high price? Slamming veteran players before kicking them out the door because they don't see things your way? Completely eschewing free agency in favor of nickel and diming the payroll and relying instead on the egotastic GM's draft day brilliance? Turning around and treating those draft picks like shit a year or two later? Bringing in Norv Turner as a head coach? The list of best efforts goes on and on.

And on Yahoo! Sports reporting that an owner had said it was Spanos' dream to move the team to Los Angeles:

“I don’t recall ever saying anything like that,” he said. “I’ve remained consistent that we want to stay in San Diego.”

"I don't recall..." is the way someone begins a statement that is pure bullshit. It establishes plausible deniability. Later, if someone shows up with a recording, Spanos can say that he never said he didn't say it, just that he didn't remember saying it. Like how I can say I don't recall ever having sex with a morbidly obese chick, because if that happened (which, honestly I don't recall) I was way too drunk to remember it. What Spanos should have said is “I have never said anything like that to the media. To the media, I’ve remained consistent that we want to stay in San Diego.” Cause we all know that the Spanoses stand outside the window watching Jerry Jones light cigars with burning hundreds while kicking his feet up on the back of a naked, high-priced call girl and shout, "Someday we'll be like you! You just watch! We'll move our team to L.A. and then you'll have to respect us!

On the home opener being 10,000 tickets short of lifting a television blackout:

“I believe the first game will be blacked out.”

Well, refreshingly upfront. Kudos, Dean, you've totally redeemed yourself. On a side note, TV blackouts are a tool that the NFL uses to try to get you into the stadium so they can turn around and say that you need to buy your team a new stadium. You know, for you?

Go ahead and check out the whole article if you haven't. This guy is a weasel. And if you love Chargers football, this weasel has you by the balls.


CJ said...

Oh Spanos, get fucked. You aren't even following your own fucking lie pattern anymore.

“I believe we have a team that can get to the playoffs and win a world championship”

Then buy up the remaining tickets asshole and fucking prove it. Because if the people don't believe in your fucking product, which some of us (ME!) fucking do not, then you get blackouts. When YOU achieve your blackouts, you can't "remain consistent that we want to stay in San Diego."

Here's how the rest of that quote goes around week 10 post blackouts, "The fans have proven they don't want us here by repeatedly not showing up to games, paying for and building us billionaire cunts a new stadium while sucking our balls as we eat tiger penis soup."

The fucking balls on this guy. Sweet fucking christ.

Anonymous said...

It's so obvious that the common denominator in all of these years of miserable performance by the Charges is the ownership. An ownership that has no credentials about football and a self-defeating budget mentality. There is a San Diego curse and is called Spanos.

Anonymous said...

This has been written a few years back, but the situation has not changed at all. What we have here is a lethal combination of an inept manager and an incompetent owner.