Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Night's Affair

So, I was wrong about the outcome, but I take solace in the fact that I was soooo right about the quality of play. Both of those teams looked like shit. You can argue that Saints didn't look awful, but that team came out throwing the ball on 15 of their first 16 plays with the obvious intent of getting up by a lot early, and they only managed 7 points in the first half. Rus-ty! Way to fuck it up, NFL.

Quick Notes:

  • Looks like Favre either needs to start coming to camp or go ahead and fucking retire already. After watching that game I have no doubt last year's AFC Chamionship game is why he almost retired. He looked scared shitless of the Saints.
  • Garret Hartley's 2 missed field goals once again beg the question, "Do my fantasy football teams curse kickers, or are my fantasy football teams cursed by kickers?"
  • Shiancoe could have a great year, since he appears to be the only person Favre can see.
  • Marckques[sp.?] Colston owners are going to be pulling their hair out by the end of the season.
  • Since the inception* of the Thursday opener, the home team (previous year's Superbowl winner) is a perfect 7-0.

Fucking Thursday opener's are bullshit. Now we've got 3 more days until more football, and I'm ready to cry about it. And since I'm a Chargers fan, 4 more days so I'm going to bawl about it.

*speaking of inception, this is great

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