Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lectures are for College...

Unfortunately nothing really happened in Chargertown today, yet football was the highlight of evening. Tonight was Fantasy Draft 2010. Now, you know how I feel about the Dungeons and Dragons aspect of Fantasy Football. People who live vicariously through their fantasy teams thinking they are the second coming of Bill Parcells or Bill Walsh wearing their infallibility as a badge is the most annoying aspect of the entire experience. Those who berate every decision you make as uneducated and every bad break they sustain is an affront to their intelligence. If you've played one week of one season of fantasy football you know the type.

I do know one thing. A goal of mine this evening was to get Antonio Gates and get him as soon as I possibly could. Again, for consecutive years, through the good fortune of whatever deity chose to shine on my ass this day I picked from the number one slot. Chris Johnson be damned, AP is my guy. The excitement starts in the three hole where I decided Antonio Gates was to be slotted. I've never enjoyed having the Gates on my squad and watched his production carry certain teams to new heights and this year in serpentine fashion, I had to have him at three or live without for another long season. Needless to say, I grabbed him like Cromartie grabs condoms...wait, way, way quicker than that.

Upon doing so I got what can only be considered a lecture from one of the other Belichick's in the room about how he was destined for a mediocre year in 2010. The lecture's premise was predicated on the absence of ye old Vinny Jack who, now departed, will not be available to absorb extra coverage. while I appreciate the concern, the idea that Gates will struggle with being double teamed for the entirety of a season is quite ludicrous. Should a team decide to double team Antonio Gates, and yes, it's been tried in the past, you'll find yourself in dime or nickel packages on every down, committing a member of your secondary and at worst a linebacker to monitoring the actions of a tight end. Possible? Sure. Probable? No. Intelligent game planning? No. A pro bowl quarterback will easily pick you apart if you double team our overachieving tight end and well, go ahead, play nickel or dime every down and watch Ryan Matthews have his breakout year early. Needless to say, I don't do lectures well so I shut off my attention span and focused on trolling the internet for the Padres score.

Now, I'm off to the backyard to sacrifice a live chicken in the hopes that I have not put the career of said tight end to not be mentioned from here on out in jeopardy. I've said too much. Football starts in roughly 42 hours. It's back. It will suck at times and it will be glorious when it doesn't drive you to the brink of insanity. But thank fuck it's back.

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