Thursday, September 02, 2010

Vincent Jackson to the Vikes?

I could live with that. Michael Silver writes an interesting article on why and how he thinks this should be done. I find the most interesting part to be where Silver suggests that the Vikings should offer Jackson a one year deal at around $6 million (You know, about what the guy's worth). I find this interesting, obviously, because I've been saying for months now that this is what the Chargers should have done. Up until this point I've heard maybe one other paid sports professional bring this up. Of course, with Kevin Acee's recent assertion that the Chargers were never intent upon bringing Jackson back at all, I suppose this is all moot. By the way, Acee, do you think our venerable GM might have graciously allowed Jackson-a Pro Bowl WR with back to back 1,000 yard seasons!-to suit up with the team this year if he had signed their original piddling tender? Of course not! He was already out the door! Worst sports writers in the nation here in San Diego.

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