Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Thoughts from Opening Day

Some random thoughts and observations:

1) Screw you, Andy Reid. I drafted Kevin Kolb and you marched out Vick over and over again before Kolb got hurt? Way to try to establish rythm, fuckface. Looks like I need to put in a personal call to Kurt Warner to come bail me out again.

2) Maybe Delhomme wasn't the problem in Carolina as Matt Moore threw some boneheaded INTs yesterday. Oh wait, so did Delhomme in Cleveland.

3) Where were all these sports folk that were calling bloody murder on Calvin Johnson's bullshit incompletion call in the end zone last year? Welcome to the party, now how long before someone figures out that the NFL is misinterpreting its own rule?

4) Oh man, the Patriots look mad. Brady returns looking like he's and completely over than knee and I think you can forget about the Jets.

5) Denver is boring, but efficient. Not efficient enough to win however, and they made David Garrard look very good.

6) I'm not ready to buy Arian Foster yet. He's good for sure, but that Colts D looked lost once Bob Sanders went down with injury for the eleventy billionth time.

7) Atlanta is going to catch New Orleans? Not this year. Not if they don't establish an offensive identity. Turner carried the ball 19 times, but it seemed like he never did it twice in a row.

8) The Raiders? Really? I didn't expect a win, but I figured they'd walk out of Tennessee with their heads held high. I believe they ended up burrowing their way out under the parking lot.

9) Dallas sucks.

10) Green Bay does not.

11) All these thoughts be damned, though, because I think we really learned nothing about this season in week 1.

12) Go football!!!

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