Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Yeah, Whatever. I Got Hosed.

And I accept that fact. 95 RBI, are you kidding me? My Padres love knows no rational bounds. But, after that "friendly wager" and the other one that I made on UConn, I have something to decree to all who know me. Any wagers that I make whilst hammering my brain with alcohol, will be forthwith welched upon! That goes for you Jerks in Vegas, too! Eh, who am I kidding? It takes me years to pay off my "friendly wagers" anyway.

Interesting Cactus League Developments lately. By the way, why does preseason baseball give their division cool little quirky names like Cactus and Grapefruit, but when the meat of the season comes around we get plain old National League and American League? Boring. How about the Camaro League or the Flying Crocodile League? And East/Central/West divisions? Buy a map if you need to know where Baltimore is, but let's sell some kick-ass T-shirts and key chains here people. Who wouldn't a San Diego Padres Hurricane League Death Adder Division Champion Padres nylon baseball jacket? Some jerk, that's who wouldn't!...anyway.

The Pads have actually starting waking up in the old Cactus League, winning their last 6 and coming alive with the bats here and there. Dave Roberts is back in the line-up, Xavier Nady is playing so well that there is actually talk of him usurping Sean Burroughs at 3rd, and Darrell May only gave up 1 run in 4 innings yesterday. Unfortunately in those same 4 innings May gave up 4 more walks, and walks are have been a problem for Padres pitchers in the not too distant past.

All in all, regardless of some still to be answered questions (like why is there no competition for the 5 spot when at least 1 of our minor league pitchers has outperformed May?), it's hard not to get excited about another year of Friar baseball. With the start of the season right around the corner, the wait is almost over and we will finally be able to fill the void left by our nation's 4th biggest sport, Curling. Face it, Curling season's just about over people. And it not coming back. Until whenever it is that Curling season starts again. That is, assuming Curling has a season. Whatever. Just try to enjoy some baseball, okay? Go Ted's Padres!!!

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