Thursday, March 17, 2005

Seven Killed By Something

I really don't understand this. Being that there is typically nothing to report on the Padres baseball front, you would think that when there is an actual story it might actually be reported on. No. No. No. You are not journalists. The Padres do not butter your bread. That is just not the way it works at all. Fools! See, it's like this. Today in the San Diego Union Tribune Post Adviser Journal Times there was a fluff piece about how many different hats, or gloves as the case may be, that Xavier Nady (X to those of us "in the know") wears on the playing field. This boy has already put in time at left, right, 1st and 3rd in spring training. Turns out they've been playing him out in center the last couple of days now, as well. Why, you ask? Damn good question! I'll tell you. Seems that the only signing we made this offseason that made any sense, Dave Roberts, has a bit of a GROIN INJURY that has gone from "being sore to a concern." That's it. That's all they had to say about that. That's in depth journalism right there people. All your questions, your concerns...ADDRESSED!!! Article does not mention how X is doing at lead off.

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