Friday, March 25, 2005

They Actually Pay People For This?

So having just read Skip Bayless’ “Mea Culpa” column over at ESPN’s page 2, I am flabbergasted as to how everyone is deflecting the Barry Bonds situation onto Barry. Skip, in far too many words for an column which is nothing more than another personal attack in a far too long string of personal attacks, compares himself to Bonds. After all, Skip had his knee scoped and was running in 3 weeks after his 40th birthday. Not playing or being subjected to the rigors of a professional sport, just jogging. Well, if you can do it Skip…

All in the name of a story are these guys chastising Bonds. Ratings. Columns. Period. Yeah, Barry may not be the most upstanding citizen around. There are issues with him professionally and personally. He is no saint, nor do I believe that he ever claimed to be one of Heaven’s representatives. But, there’s Skip, at the front of the line, trying to spin the story. It is Barry in fact who is trying to vilify the media. Well, what would seem like a more likely scenario, Bonds attempting to defend himself from what could conservatively be called a hostile media stance against him? Or that he is chastising a group of reporters for their unwavering praise of his professional and personal life over the last decade. I would suggest to Skip that maybe if people like you weren’t insulting the size of his head, constantly declaring publicly that you know based on hearsay and circumstantial evidence that he took more steroids than the Chinese Olympic Diving Team and that he has destroyed his family with his abhorrent adulterous ways, maybe Barry wouldn’t be so defensive. It’s not like you guys are out there doing puff pieces on the guy. What will be your recourse if it turns out that you were wrong? Will there be a mass public apology and a retraction? I would most seriously doubt that. Were I Barry, and thankfully I am not, I would not be giving in and threatening retirement, but perhaps something more physical would be in order. Ruin my life you will, I might take a chunk out of you. Thank goodness I am not Barry and he can control his temper or it could get really ugly…

On a side note, I just had this exchange with my cohort in crime here that may be of interest to some of the local folk:

MC: I'm curious as to your opinion on the whole Mt. Soledad cross thing. I know you're not a big religion guy so I'm interested in what you think. These people who lobbied to have it removed are now trying to have all crosses removed from all federal property. If I'm not mistaken, all those veteran's graves from past wars are marked with crosses and star of Davids and those military cemeteries are on federal property

CJ:You wanna know? I think this is just another example of the selfishness of our whiny, crybaby, my way society. Another example of he who cries the loudest wins. I think that it is abominable that someone would want to remove a symbol that is honoring people who have fought and died for the rights that allow said moron to be upset and take action against a static symbol. I think that these fanatics have nothing better to do with their lives and they find joy in making dramatic and chaotic situations out of their lives for some sense of meaning or accomplishment. There are a lot of people like this in the world and I think they are poisonous. They are not comfortable unless they are surrounded by conflict, drama, and or some level of discomfort. It is a me first, pay attention to me at all costs mentality. I think it’s a sickness. And I think that it is way too prevalent in our society today. I think it is fueled by television, a lack of education, and parents who never slapped their kids and said no dinner tonight jackass. I think it is also mainly driven by folks who have no sense of who they are and were probably outcasts as children. This is their way of revenge. Spiteful pricks.

I hope they get gonorrhea.

Your thoughts?

MC: I couldn't have said it better myself. It makes me sick. If I thought for a moment that the cross had any bearing on their existence at all, I might feel differently, but instead I also believe these people get a perverted joy out of causing grief and strife. Unbelievable that something like this could ever happen. What will be our societies Stonehenge? Golden Arches?

CJ: That’s what I was thinking. The golden arches. But then I thought, well, the arches are gold. And, they kind of resemble ugly breasts. With gold being a symbol of heaven, which offends me, as do ugly breasts, I am going to sue McD’s for being insensitive to breasts and those of us who are offended by the very idea of heaven. I will take down the heavenly kingdom of ugly breasts that McD’s promotes and conveys and force feeds us and our children.

But I might settle for an order of fries.

MC: Now there's movement I can get behind.

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