Friday, March 25, 2005

But His Head Is Enormous!

There you go bringing the Chinese Diving Team into it. Can't we give them a moments peace? They're not even mean to reporters. Well, if they are, no one can understand what the hell they're saying. I can't stress this enough, speak English people! I come to your country to be an obnoxious American and a large protion of that is wasted if you can't understand the things I am yelling at you.

Now, I am not a sports journalist sympathizer or anything, and I can agree that Skip Bayless is a self-righteous douche bag for comparing himself to Barry Bonds, but enough of this trying to make Bonds the Julius Caesar of this era. I think the four guys who read this blog know how we both feel about this issue, and if they don't we'll explain it to them tonight at the bar.

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