Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Baseball? Hmm. Yeah. I Can Do Baseball.

More content? That's going to be tough, considering that from what I've read in the media, Major League Baseball(New Motto: That Ball is Almost Outta Here!) has been contracted down to four teams. The Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs and Barry Bonds. And don't give me the Mets, they're made for TV. So I don't know what this San Diego squad my cohort is talking about is, but- oh wait, never mind. Turns out baseball only contracted the Expos. And brought back the Senators. Only now the Senators are called the Nationals. The Nationals are apparently even more popular with foreign ballplayers than Omar Minaya's Mets, since signed players are automatically given U.S. citizenship. Freaking. Slay. Myself. Can I get a stinking rim shot here?! (Totally out of practice people).

Anyway, can't wait for another top notch season from all the teams in the MLB (New Motto: Now with 20% more testing!). Small ball is the rule of the day this year, and with newly acquired center fielder Dave Roberts taking every third at bat, look for Our Padres to make a strong go of it. Until I feel like writing again, see you in Peoria!!!

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