Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday Content Rocks!

Brian Lawrence gave up 6 runs in 5 innings yesterday versus the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles, or whatever they're called. The good news is...No walks! Hurray! Take that Darrell May!

The Angels started a pitcher yesterday that had earlier told the Padres that he wanted to play for them so much that he was willing to be flexible in contract negotiations. We all know how that turns out. Never tell the Padres you'd be willing to take less than market value to play for them. They'll offer you a bus pass and a sack of Big League Chew. Take a hike, Finley! Oh, and by the way, that pitcher had his second great spring start against the Pads, serving up 6 shut out innings. Sounds good, I'll have that.

In other baseball news...

Sidney Ponson, "Ace" pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles (Little known fact I made up: Orioles are some of the fiercest predators in the animal kingdom, only slightly less ferocious than the Santa Cruz Banana Slug) has been involved in a fracas and damaged his uber talented hand. Apparently 11 days in an Aruban jail did not have the rehabilatory (made that word up too) effect you'd think. You play for a bad team. People are going to heckle you. Stop hitting them.

Here's a good one. Yesterday's spring training game between the Rockies and the D'backs (Diamondbacks to the layperson) in Tuscon was called on account of bees. Bees? Ef bees! I'd have gone out there and punched every bee in the face.

O.J. Simpson didn't kill his wife.

Robert Blake didn't kill his wife.

Ray Lewis never killed anybody.

Rae Carruth is trying to appeal his conviction for killing his wife based on the compelling argument that those guys got away with it, and he was easily more famous than Robert Blake when [Carruth] alledgedly killed his wife than Blake was when he didn't kill his wife. Everybody get that?

There's your Friday content people. Eat it up with a spoon.

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