Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What the !@#$ Are You Talking About?

First off, Bonds is not retiring. Puh-lease! As Raul Mondesi said yesterday, he was having a big fat emotional "my body hurts and the media picks on me day." He'll be back before you have a chance to realize you don't really care as much as you think you do.

Secondly, he broke the law. I don't mean the "laws of baseball, oooooooh," I mean the actual freaking law. The non-prescription sale or acquisition of steroids is and has been against the law for quite some time now, if I'm not mistaken. Lying to a Grand Jury, as far as I know, is not a right that we, as Americans, are entitled to. Are these crimes tantamount to the crimes that guys like Ray Lewis and Leonard Little "alledgedly" committed? Not in my mind, but they are crimes none-the-less.

And C, being in the media spotlight sure does suck. Doesn't seem to be worth anywhere near the millions upon millions of dollars he makes for being able to hit a ball with a stick real good.

As far as cheating. Who the hell cares about cheating? I don't even want to begin to imagine how many professional athletes are finding new and exciting ways to get a leg up on the competition. I deplore the fact they do it, but you certainly can't hold up Barry as if the whole thing were his idea. Especially when we all know that cheating itself was Al Davis' idea. What bothers me is that this guy would have been a HoF player regardless of his power numbers. So why'd he do it? Was he too banged up to go on, but loved the game too much to give it up? Fine, say that. Hard to beat a guy down too hard for a heartfelt admission. Too bad he can't go back and play that card now. It would be an admission of guilt at this point that would most certainly be used in any pending criminal trials. Only the race card and the media is evil card remain.

I'm sorry your kids are crying over what the media prints, Barry, but maybe if you hadn't always held yourself so high above the cost of fame and fortune for all these years, it wouldn't be so easy for the people you've treated like parasites too hash out your indescretions over and over again. Something about laying in a bed you made or grave you dug.

Lastly, many of you will say that I would feel differently if Bonds was a Padre. Well, that, my friends, is just plain ridiculous. The Padres would never pay a player what Barry makes, and if they did, he'd have been traded before the back end kicked in anyway.

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