Friday, March 11, 2005

Surely There Has To Be Something Else To Write About.

Sportswriters- and by that I mean the guys who get paid for their glorious insight- piss me off. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that before in this web log (I hate the word blog ever since they actually put it in the dictionary).

Now I know that nobody is going to write anything about the Padres, cause let's face it, they haven't done anything. At all. And I understand that there is a big Red Sox vs. Yankee thing going on that makes for "interesting" copy. And being that steroids are du jour at the moment, you have to address players like Jason Giambi. But seriously, is it necessary to make up new and exciting issues to write about in reference to these two monumentally overpaid and annoying franchises? One dickhead has actually been going around asking GMs, managers and other front office types for other teams what they thought of the Yankees lineup vs. the Red Sox lineup. Are you insane? Is this not the most insulting thing going in sports right now? I wouldn't be surprised if the questioning went something like this: "Which teams lineup would you least want to have pummel the crap out of your team in the post season?" Unbelievable.

Quick hits:

Woody Williams gave up 8 runs in 2 innings yesterday. Last I checked, we already have Brian Lawrence, I thought we were trying to replace David Wells.

Rick Ankiel has shifted from once dominating pitching prospect to the outfield. I'm betting he won't be setting any records for outfield put outs at the plate.

In an effort to dethrone last year's biggest pain in the ass, Milton Bradley, Mike Cameron has had his agent tell the Mets not to trade him. I say fine. Cut him instead.

The Astros are apparently a team that's gone from being the hottest regular season franchise at the end of last season, to a team in serious trouble. Notably needing a decent replacement in CF for Carlos Delgado. Who cares?

Ken Griffey Jr. has a testy hamstring. Might miss a few games this year.

The Detroit Tigers have made some moves this off season. Particularly in their bullpen. Will probably still suck.

Well, being as this season is all about poor but plentiful content, I fell pretty good about the preceding post. Til next time, keep on rockin' in the free world!

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