Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Wind Of Change Is Upon Us!

Okay, so I never chimed in on the Super Bowl. In fact, I never even made a public declaration of my prediction for that game, but needless to say, that is exactly how I expected it to turn out. I no longer mind that Peyton Manning got the big monkey off his back, no thanks to himself. I don't care if, after three out of four subpar performances in the postseason including the big game, Peyton got the Super Bowl MVP award. I mean, his name was already engraved on the trophy, right? I don't care as much as I thought I would that I can no longer refer to him and his girly first name as choke artists...technically. Hell, at least I can still call Brett Favre old and Mike Vick overrated, right? Manning joins the pantheon of great NFL quarterbacks and Tony Dungy begins the pantheon of great African-American NFL Super Bowl winning head coaches, and I couldn't be happier for either one of them. So what if a solid handful of teams had to suffer from top to bottom Manning-like choke jobs for them to get there? These men stood atop the fallen bodies and grabbed the Brass ring. Congrats, I'm not bitter.

Truly, the only thing I care about is that the Mighty Chargers are looking to tweak their logo in order to unify the way they brand the team or some such bullshit. I feel this is exactly what our emerging dynasty needs to plant itself firmly atop the mountain. But no simple "tweak" will do. And as much as I certainly appreciate the freshness and style of the powder blues, I'm afraid they will not cut the mustard either. I'm thinking something like this:

Tell me that won't strike terror into the hearts of the opposing players. Super. Bad. Ass.

On a sadder note, I feel as though I should inform you all, that at least through next season this blog will be pretty much all Maximum Colossus, all the time as far as Charger talk goes. I have in my possession a signed statement from esteemed cohort CJ stating that he will not watch any Charger football next season or face throat punch, Gary Sinise Ransom styley. Sure, he could read the papers and give secondhand accounts and such, but that would be awfully irresponsible. Maybe we can count on him to furnish us with information on the other 31 teams who will labor night and day to unseat us from our comfy throne. Wouldn't that be nice of him? Go CJ, and go Bolts!!!

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