Monday, February 12, 2007

Not Really News, But...

This appeared in today's San Diego Union Herald Post Intelligencer.

"This week, more than likely, the Chargers will be cutting Terence Kiel loose. The prodigal safety embarrassed the Chargers at least twice too often last season, and he didn't make nearly enough plays to justify the aggravation."-- San Diego Union-Tribune

Not really a surprise since Kiel isn't a superstar. If he were, AJ might actually go to bat for the guy. But whether it's getting shot while an undercover tries to pull you over or smuggling cough syrup over state lines to pay off your gambling debts, there is no room on AJ's club if you are not a big name guy (I put that one on a tee for you, CJ). Too bad, though, I don't recall Kiel being one of the ten or so players blowing that Pats game for us. Oh well, good luck in Denver, KC or Oakland.

Speaking of Denver, KC or Oakland, last week both sides confirmed that there would be no discussions to bring back Donnie Edwards to the Chargers. Also not really news, but no matter how much you prepare for bad news, it still sucks. I thoroughly expect Edwards to seek employment with a division rival so he can get a crack at making AJ Smith look stupid no less than two times a year. As for what we'll do, I've read about the team and the coaches saying nice things about Wilhelm, but I haven't really heard anybody gush about the guy. Stephen Cooper has some flashy moments, but who knows how he'll play in a more pronounced role. Don't be surprised if the Bolts go after a quick LB who can drop into coverage well with their first draft pick. Whatever happens, the team will have a new leader in tackles next season for the first time in like, six years. It's too early to call it, but with all the coaching defections and now losing a couple of solid contributors everybody might want to back off on all those "set for the next five years" claims. There is still a lot of talent on this team, but the edges are starting to fray a bit. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Go Bolts!!!


Stuart said...

Marty got fired. Um, HOLY SHIT.

Not a complete surprise, I guess, but who are they going to bring in in his place? And what about assistants? Most of the good ones are spoken for.

Some names for the rumor mill:

Pete Carroll
Bill Cowher (that would be *awesome*)

Maximum Colossus said...

Yeah, I just posted an initial reaction with a couple of names out there, but I imagine you're going to hear every name under the sun.