Monday, February 19, 2007

Expletives Can't Quite Do This Feeling Justice...

This is just the sort of travesty I was morbidly afraid of. I don't have the words currently in my word bank to adequately portray my disappointment with all of this blather. Looks like A.J. has gotten his man, and will stop at nothing to ensure that he ruins my life.

It's not that Norv isn't capable of making our squad go. Anything is possible. But, I tend to listen to those who have first hand accounts of someone's fuckitude, and those people have filled my text message box with both abuse and sinister laughter as they know Norvy is our problem now. First, this, and this not to mention that this is our second trip around the block with ol' Norvy here in our town.

Are you intentionally trying to get me to quit football A.J.? First, we have to deal with the constant looming threat of you and the Spani klan threatening to move our team to the worst pit of hell you call a city in Los Angeles. To the consistent underachieving on the football field that we have come to know and embrace here in our town. Now to bringing in the ultimate retread of a coach, that is known for his laid back approach with player personnel allowing them freedoms to sell their codeine across state lines, punch their domestic partners, and go on an all out rampage with the local police force. Were it not for the Bengals stealing all of our felony headlines this year, we'd have been the asshole of all the jokes about prison bound football teams.

So, for the upcoming season, I can look forward to a) more arrests, b) continuing failure on the field c) pending litigation for our felons d) moving trucks e) infighting within the organization when the 'yes' men don't fall to their knees in front of Lord Sith A.J. and f) Norv Fucking Turner.

I want to extend my most sincerest thank you's for ruining my football life. I hope this turns out well, otherwise I'll be helping to load the trucks and issuing a solid swift kick in the ass as the trucks roll on off to hell. Fuck you and your mouth A.J. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. In case that wasn't clear, Go Fuck Yourself San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers. ***

***(except for LTD, and the rest of the gang that I don't completely despise. That list is small and shrinking.)

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