Monday, April 30, 2007

Kome On, Kouzy!

Now I'm not particularly happy with the slow ascent of Kevin Kouzmonaff, but it's a little ricockulous that the UT pretty much blamed our 17 inning loss yesterday on him striking out for the last out of the game. If that was a good reason to send a guy up to Portland, Brian Giles should have been run out of baseball by now. I'm less concerned about the youngster than I am about Mike Cameron's complete offensive and defensive breakdown. Is this the second coming of Chuck Knoblach? I could forgive either shitty batting or shitty fielding, but never should the two meet. This guy should be the second best bat in our line-up, but at this point, while it's still early on in the season, I have to wonder if he'll get it back or if something has just snapped.

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CJ said...

Something is definitely wrong with Cameron. I'm going with eyes. I don't think he can see. If anyone out there is an doctor of eyes ( I always forget is it opthamologist, optometrist, ornithologist?) eye doc, call up the squad and offer your services pro bono stat.