Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some Stuff About Some Stuff.

What's up with Khalil Greene's straw hair anyway? Is everything made of straw on that guy? I don't want to get too metro here, but it's called conditioner, man. Give it a shot. Oh, how it must have made my cohort happy to watch the vegan lower his batting average about 80 points in one game at this early point in the season. Way to not be clutch. You're no Spiccoli. Spiccoli was never that tense.

I'm going to be all over the board here for a minute. Unless you're not even slightly into sports (and if you're getting your sports news here, that's not entirely unlikely), you've heard about the Zeusian punishment's NFL Commisioner Rodger Goodell layed down upon perennial fuck-ups PacMan Jones and Chris Henry. Them's some mighty lightning bolts, and I don't hear too many people complaining either...yet. We'll see. Anyway, Canepa had his take on it today. You can read it here. At first, I thought Mr. Nick had found a new schoolgirl crush, going on and on about the big muscles and fast cars Goodell's sporting. Then he gets to the meat of the matter. As impressive as the punishment's were, Goodell is still merely Steven Seagal to AJ Smith's Chuck Norris. Smith has been handing down disciplinary actions like those since before you were a glimmer in your daddy's eye youngster. If AJ were running the whole show, and not just ruling his own team with an iron fist as he feels other owners should be doing, the entire Bengals and Titans teams would likely be suspended for a season or two. And like it!

Ugh. Enough about that. Back to the Padres. Apparently Chris Young either doesn't think that much of himself or he really likes playing here because he signed a four year deal on Monday that, in an era where Gil Meche is shopping for a third house in the French Riviera, would make a back-up ball boy happy. Well, extremely happy, but we got a deal all the same. I guess people are starting to buy into the "San Diego Discount." I think this is a lot like Global Warming. If you say it enough, people will believe it exists whether you can prove it or not. Good for us.

"Hey Mike Cameron! It's coming right at you!"

Hot girl:

5-3 on the way to the World Series. Cool. go Pads!!!

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