Thursday, April 05, 2007

Show Us Your VaGiants!

Nice to see CJ back in the fray and I sure hate to push him down the page so soon, but I felt it was necessary to point out the latest Nick Canepa filler article in the San Diego Union Excelsior Newsletter Paper Magazine. It seems Nick has realized that baseball season is upon us and that means he must pen something regarding the only months away from World Series Champion Padres. Since AJ Smith doesn't seem to have anything to say about the Pads, Canepa is forced to write yet another article in the great pantheon of Nick Canepa articles that actually say nothing at all.

Handcuffed by the fact that he apparently has not kissed Kevin Towers ass enough to get any hardcore bad ass "my way or the highway" quotes from him*, Canepa decides to instead compare the Padres to the Chargers, a subject he believes he knows something about. You see, both the Padres and the Bolts won their respective divisions, yet both failed to advance in the playoffs. Schottenheimer was fired shortly thereafter and Bochy was allowed to walk. The pressure is on Norv Turner to win a Superbowl. The pressure is apparently on Bud Black to win a World Series. And before I can so much as start screaming at the screen, Nick actually manages to point out that the talent disparity may be a bit of a factor. You think? the Bolts are the best team talentwise in the NFL. There was no reason for them to bow out in the first playoff game. Conversely, the Padres are about the 10th most talented team in the National League and had no business advancing to the later rounds. There's probably no one in the world outside of me expects them to go to the World Series, and I only expect it because I might be an actual retard. No, Nicky my boy, Bud Black was not brought in here to win the title, he was brought in here to make the team seem less boring somehow. Or to at least make it look like the team was trying to justify ticket price raising and awful, overpriced parking at our glorious ballpark where only other teams can hit home runs (boring).

The fact is, though, Canepa's entire pointless article that said nothing you didn't know, unless it is his own ridiculous opinion, was only to present his new super funny at first, but gets more serious the more you think about it" nickname for San Diego. Wannabe Titletown. Precious. What a douche.

That all being said, last night was fun to watch. We haven't started 2-0 since 98'. I'll take that. Sure, it was no big surprise to watch Bonds hit his first HR of the season off Chris Young (Bonds loves two things when it comes to bombing homers. Doing it against the Pads, and big, fat fastballs right in the wheelhouse.). In fact, my roommate, who is a Cubs fan and a bona fide dickface, actually called the bomb in that at-bat. Fortunately, we had a few dingers of our own, including the game winner from our own slugger in the making and at least one person I know's favorite "bean," Adrian Gonzales. First look at Linebrink and Hoffman and they came out unscathed, although I have to admit I was a bit concerned by how many pitches were hit hard off of them. Good D prevailed, though, and after what is admittedly only two games I can safely cling to my positive vibe about this season. Awesome. Go Pads!!!

*I realize Canepa has some quotes from Towers as well as Black, but those were likely general media quotes and not the super special quotes that AJ gives to him personally. Believe me, Canepa would have made sure to let us know.


CJ said...

I don't really understand that 'Titletown Wannabe' line. What? Not every town wants to win a championship? I've certainly never been introduced to anyone from anywhere that didn't want to win the championship.

Is the point that it puts undue pressure on management to win? Oh, that's right, this is the town that has the least amount of management and leadership from all local government levels all the way down to the sports teams. Bankrupt pension anyone???? Extend the football coach 3 days after a debacle, then fire him a month later?

Ahhh...stability and leadership. Stay classy San Diego.

Blogust said...

Gut feelings are key. This team seemed different even before the season started. Though I hate to see Boch go to SF, I am glad Bud Black is in there and I expect special things to happen this year.

I agree with you MC, comparing this team to the chargers is ridiculous. To me it seems like Canepa was trying to meet his deadline and didn't have a story. I think it would have been smarter if he compared this club to the '98 team.