Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Randy Johnson won 17 games last year for the Yankees with an ERA over 5. Imagine what Peavy could do over there. This team is a run producing nightmare. For itself, not other teams. We've dropped to 4th in the division and sit dead even at 13-13. Not good, but at least we'll get to see some new faces. We won't see another divisional foe until June. It'll be interesting to see how the West stacks up this year.

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CJ said...

And here's the rub: The first time he struck out a small village was against John Smoltz, result: 2-1 loss. Time number two: Brandon Webb, result: 3-2 loss. I've been blaming the lack of run support against the other team's #1 guy pitching as well as Peavy in those starts without as much fanfare.

Last night, not quite a small village gem of strikeouts, but a good outing nonetheless. Our foe: John Patterson. Hardly an insurmountable peak.

This lineup, much like last year's could be at times is anaemic at best. Kevin talked about acquiring a big bat, and got, Oscar Robles. There is no big bat, and there is no protection for my favorite, Gonzalez. It's time to right the sinking ship boys...