Thursday, April 26, 2007


And the moral of the story is this, kiddies:

If your name is Jake Peavy, do not put up 16 Ks in a game. That's a losing recipe. Walk-off HR from Stephen Drew? Come on! It's becoming a disturbing trend that as the Dodgers go, so go the Padres. Let's show a little dominance here.

The good news is that the sporting world intends to let us fly under the radar all season. Seriously, show me one thing that's been written about the Padres anywhere besides a game recap. Good luck. Please be sure, though, to send me anything you find about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalries, the Cubs neverending woes, or the resurgence of the Dodgers. Seriously, I can never find a thing. At least forward me Barry Bonds' HR totals. Can't fucking find it anywhere!

Oh well, we'll see the darling Dodgers tomorrow. Let's finish off the Garter Snakes and go due some Dew in the Ravine. Go Pads!!!


CJ said...

I don't have any idea what these 'media outlets' are speaking of lately. No mention of the Padres as you said, but this Bonds character? What's he do that's so special? I mean, I've seen those crappy movies, boooorrrinnnggg.

And a Yankee? What the heck does a yankee have to do with a sock? Oh, wait. I know. I've yankeed in a sock.

I do know what this Cub phenomenon is though. It's free drinking that's what! YEE FUCKING HAW!!! Fucking lame shittty Cubs. Sorry Jefe, had to be said.

Maximum Colossus said...

Are you drunk?

Jeff said...


It's a long season, the cubs are just getting warmed up