Monday, April 30, 2007

Feels Like Nothing Happened.

So, I guess I should say something, but I just don’t know what to say. What the hell is a Craig Davis? Well, giving AJ Smith the benefit of the doubt here, I’ll just go ahead and assume Davis is the best receiver nobody else was smart enough to take a look at. I guess Eric Parker won’t be catching punts next season, and I gotta tell you, I’m okay with it. Weddle is a different story in that I’ve actually heard of him which means people have actually been talking about him. If he walks in and immediately takes over at Strong Safety like people say he will, then I have no problem giving up 4 picks to get him. I’m hearing Troy Polomalu type ball-hawking and we could definitely use some of that. Of course, we could have just gone ahead and drafted Polomalu a couple years ago instead of Sammy Davis, but why rehash that old gem? I don’t really care about the rest of the draft. We got a LB, which is a bigger need than I think most people realize, and the rest of it was standard depth stuff so big whoop.

Now, about this Randy Moss bullshit. I predict he may have his best football seasons in front of him. He will be rejuvenated by Tom Brady and a balanced New England offense. That scares me. The Patriots barely handled the Bolts in the play-offs last year, and really had no business being there, but this year’s team could be a powerhouse again. They’ve made so many key pick-ups already and we’ve got basically the same team as last year, minus three starting defenders . It will be interesting to see what we do during the next round of free agency. I have a feeling we stand pat and that concerns me. Are we still the best team on paper? I believe so, but the competition is closing in, and we still haven’t translated all of that paper talent into diddly squat. I’ll give AJ the benefit of the doubt here as well, cause as much as the guys bravado turns me off, I have to admit he’s been right a lot more than he’s been wrong. But then, a certain other Genius GM of ours started out making a lot of good moves, before buying into his own greatness and destroying the Chargers for year with extreme draft day gambles and questionable personnel decisions. I don’t want to live through that again. Aaron Hayden? Brian Still? One shudders to think of it.

Look out, hot girl!!!

I'll always love me some Buffy. Go Bolts!!!


CJ said...

What? You don't want to re-live the Mikhael Ricks phenom era? Or Brian Roche? Or Raliegh Roundtree? Oh come on... No Mark Seay? Maybe Tremayne Stephens?

I don't want the latest draft class to get lost in the incredible draft history of ours...

Anonymous said...

What I learned about the draft was that Cam Cameron maybe in the same category as Kevin Gilbride. He is the one that TRULY thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Maybe A.J. waited to fire Marty once he was sure Cam joined another team. Anyway, Weddle will prove that if we gave up all of our draft picks we still would have had a steal. If dude is truly like Lynch or Harrison then things will be good. Unfortunately, Norv still does not inspire me. Sometimes I felt like Buddy Nix kept trying to remind us who the head coach was.