Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Baseball Done Right.

If you missed that game you missed a thing of beauty. This team may not be built for power and runs, but a couple of timely knocks as well as some inspired bunts to move the runners along was more than enough to provide the runs we needed. The pitching was masterful. Maddux threw six innings of some of the nastiest junk I've seen. Right up until Cla Meredith came in and got just a shade nastier. Linebrink and Brocail got outs just like their mamas told them to get a good girl. Just be yourself. All in all, we take the Giants 4-0 to register our third shutout on this young season, not to mention our third straight series win. What a fantastic effort and a sweet win. Now bring on the filthy Dodgers. Go Pads!!!

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