Thursday, December 09, 2010

Matt Cassell Is Dead.

Well, maybe not technically dead, but he had appendix surgery yesterday, so there is a very good chance he will miss at least Sunday's game against the Chargers. Now, this isn't that big a deal to me, considering I'm not particularly high on Cassell, but he has to be better than all time 0-9 starter Brodie Croyle, doesn't he? In a must win game for the Bolts it appears that God has stepped in to try to save Norv Turner*. Man, that guy must be tremendously likable in person.

*Just kidding. Norv could lose his next 20 games and he'd still have a job. No joke, Spanos is that cheap. The only way Turner gets canned before his contract is up is if the team moves to L.A. before then. L.A. would never stand for Norv Turner.

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