Tuesday, December 07, 2010

That Was Hard to Watch

My God, that was a beating last night. Rex Ryan, you now know the worst possible ramifications that come from running your mouth. You may have come to New York to kick Belichek's butt, but he just fed you your balls. 45-3?! Damn.

I'm not going to lie. I didn't watch much of the game. It was out of hand early, and I haven't enjoyed watching the Patriots beat anybody in nearly 10 years because they and their fanbase are such a bunch of smug pricks. You have to give them credit, though. 45 points scored? The Jets were giving up about a third as many per game all season. 3 points allowed? Well, that's what happens when you get taken out of your game early, Jets. Just ask the Bolts.

The sports media ought to be sending Belichek a portion of their weekly pay today, seeing as they're going to have it easy this week. "The Pats are Back on Top: Belichek a Genius!" Now, if Brees can throw 6 TDs this coming Sunday, every pundit in the country can mail in their Superbowl analysis and take an early vacation. Unless Matty Ice over in Atlanta has anything to say about it. Ugh. Matty Ice. That is the worst. Whover came up with that deserves to get Face AIDS.

By the way, last night's game killed my chances at winning the office pool. Well, that game and the Lions, Titans, Chargers, Ravens and Colts losses. Otherwise, I had made reservations at the local Sizzler.

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