Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Have You Even Been Paying Attention, Nick?

Nick Canepa implores GM AJ Smith to get a deal done with Vinnie Jack or at least franchise him. Listen, Little Nicky, a franchise at this point is the only option and here's all you need to know about that.

1) VJ comes back for his first game of the season and immediately pulls up lame.

2) People instantly start to speculate that VJ might be painting himself as even more of a malcontent than AJ has claimed he is and the fear is that this will impact his value on the open market.

3) VJ catches 3 TDs and goes for over 100 yards in his next game back. The performance is certain to make his value skyrocket.

4) Everybody in San Diego screams, "Franchise tag!"

5) Vinnie Jack goes out and has a pedestrian day against the Bengals in a game the team has to win.

And that is how little VJ wants to play for AJ. So, AJ can go ahead and franchise him, but we all better be prepared to have a player guaranteed to take $10 million+ off the hands of the employers who screwed him this year and who has no desire to play for them anymore. Do you trust that player to do break his back for the Chargers next year? Would you? $10 million in pocket and a league that loves to give chance after chance to talent? The only thing VJ could do in San Diego next year to hurt his value is get injured.

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