Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big Game for Bad Teams

Okay, I didn't really mean we are a bad team, but there is still no excuse for us being 7-6 and on the outside of the playoff picture looking in. And there is definitely no excuse for the fact that Frisco is 5-8 and also only a game out of contention in their pitiful division. At least when the Chargers came back from 4-8 to win their division, it looked like a bona fide miracle. The details are fuzzy, but did three other teams go down in a plane crash that year? I honestly can't remember how we pulled that off.

So how is tonight going to shake out? Ugly, is my guess. It's not supposed to be out and out raining tonight, but it's gonna be wet, and apparently that sort of thing doesn't fly with these Bolts. Remember opening night? Me neither (glug, glug).

Also, Malcolm Floyd is questionable for the 35th time in 14 games. Maybe this is my fantasy team playoffs talking, but what the effing eff, Floyd?! Your whole career? Drink a glass of milk from time to time, brother! Or are you just trying to get VJ his contract? O R you?

Speaking of VJ, he touched the ball like three times this week and an entire community that was ready to burn him at the stake because AJ yelled "Witch!," suddenly became aware of his superstar status and is calling for a stop to the insanity and a new long term contract. This is why people call you a bad sports town, San Diego. You shouldn't need a minor showing in an important game to remind you that our best receiver over the last two seasons was, well, our best receiver. And it shouldn't have reminded you of that anyway, because it was basically a pretty so so showing. Still, sign the guy. Cause that'll totally happen.

Ryan Mathews looks to get a bigger chunk of the action this week just in time for slick conditions, which should definitely be a boost for his confidence. Let's pray our fumbling issues are behind us. I'm serious, get to praying. Even you, CJ!

As I've mentioned before, the NFC West, in what is perhaps the greatest indicator that our championship window is slamming shut like [insert someone who withholds sex simile here]'s legs, is 2-1 against our Bolts. Our one win came against the Arizona Cardinals who presently stand a Grand Canyonlike 2 games back in that horribly sad division. Still, I just can't believe we lose a game like this at home. Frank Gore is out. Alex Smith is in. Perhaps most importantly, this is Frisco. Of the "Beat us to death in our only Superbowl appearance" Friscos. Maybe you've heard of them? We must forever take advantage of any opportunity to avenge that injustice, damn it! Anything less than an utter woodshedding is unacceptable! Niners 13, Bolts 31 Palindrome victory!!!

Go Bolts!!!

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