Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You Gotts Take Your Licks.

Seeing that Manimal was pretty much invisible throughout the game Sunday (albeit because he was wearing an Official New England Patriots Offensive Lineman Necklace most of the day), this article from The Brushback is fair enough.

Also, I love TBE to death and all, but the fact of the matter is, the Bolts gave that game away and I don't care if the entire Patriots team shit on the midfield lightning bolt, hang your head in shame and walk away. Truth be told, Tomlinson doesn't even really have to hang his own head in shame, but walk away none-the-less. I enjoyed pro-bowler Kassim Osgood's take on the whole thing yesterday where he said that there is no point in talking about it now, just give it right back next time.

We're all gonna live through this. Most of us, anyway. Honest.

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CJ said...

It's going to take a magnanimous dose of boobies and liquor but I think I'll be okay eventually. At least I'll go out on a high note if I'm not going to be okay.