Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is it Sunday Yet?

I had a dream last night that covered the entire first two possessions of Sundays game. It was wild. Things went well, but I don't want to describe it and spoil it.

Ok anyway, here are some thoughts and a couple of photos for you all today...

Tony Gwynn
First of all, I also have to tip my hat to Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn. He is one of my favorite athletes of all time. I can't count how many times I have watched him late in a game with 2 outs and he goes 0-2 and neither he nor I are worried. Only the pitcher is, because T was just sizing up the reliever's arm. Then, Knock! He's standing on 2nd base looking around like. "That worked." Gongrats on the hall, Tony- you are the man.

I ran across this photo the other day. Does the one kid look to be related to one of the contributors of this blog? Or maybe he just wasn't in the mood to "make a funny face."

Charger Fiesta!
Well, you can finally start to feel the Charger frenzy around this town. Here's a cool aerial shot of the effort of some local fans. This is a spot that I know the writers here have all spent many a hot, drunken, sandy afternoon playing in the OTL tourney. Ahh... good times!

And here's a shot of the parking lot at the Q last night. When this many come out for a rally, I hope that's a sign that the game will just be pure madness. Here's to that 12th man making things numb for the chowdahead crew on Sunday.

This bye has been tough, but you got to love it. Let all of our players heal up (How many of our starters to we have? All of them?), and just enjoy having your football team be in it and talked about in mid Jan. Hopefully that keeps rolling in to February too.... Cheers and GO CHARGERS!!!


CJ said...

Awesome. T.Gwynn was my favorite hitter. As a youngster that batted left handed, I did everything to emulate his swing, including not having any desire to hit for power. The fact that I was 43 pounds until I was 13 had nothing to do with it.

That picture of that kid is funny. I predict he will make millions some day. Funny thing is, Mom called me last night for the inevitable birthday that is coming up, and the first thing she said was, "Remember when you flipped off your kindergarten teacher, when you were 5?" Quite vividly mom. She was a bitch.

And, Pats fans everywhere had better be a bit more than frightened. We are going to engulf you in a cave of horrors the likes of a Lohan vagina. Trouble awaits massholes.

Blogust said...

When I first looked at that picture, I didn't notice anything unusual. That is how desensitized I have become.