Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Anger. It's Sorrow. But It's Mostly Anger...

It's been 24 hours, the alloted time I felt necessary to avoid unproductive ranting about what happened on our field yesterday. I've had 24 hours to digest that misery, and I do have to say, it's no better now than it was as the final gun sounded, unmercifully ejecting us from the postseason and any Super Bowl delusions. Forgive me for this, it is fueled purely on emotion and will probably lack any constructive thought, and some say don't write angry. I say, that might make for some memorable work, so fuck your rules, I'm making my own rules now. The game in review starts now...

What Went Wrong:

Aside from losing the game? Everything went wrong. It starts with the dropped passes, E. Parker's first folly was entirely a fumble and we were lucky it wasn't ruled as such. Instead it just killed the drive. It's easy to jump on E. Parker in this one. He was atrocious. I spent the better part of the last two years supporting 88 and his cause. I liked his hustle, his mettle, his desire to throw his body into the fire to reel in any football thrown in his general direction. And then yesterday happened. What the hell am I supposed to do now? Dropped passes, fumbled punts, fucking inexcuseable. I don't want to crucify E. Parker because I'm fairly positive he's not out celebrating like the Donks after getting ousted from the playoffs, but dammit, we were so close.

Fourth Down and Eleven.

This is going to be the launching pad for the criticism of Mr. Marty. I never thought that it would happen again. I never in my wildest dreams imagined this type of coaching performance in a playoff game. Kick the damned ball and take a three point lead. Nope not for us.

There are a few instances I can go to here, but since last night I've been to the end of the internet and back scouring said sacred place for enough pornography to help out with my aching heart. There isn't enough porn sometimes. Challenging the McCree play? Who would have figured that a time out would be an important factor in a football game? Perhaps, we might have been able to run another play in the game's final drive to get ourselves closer than 54 yards from tying field goal. Yeah, I know, only getting LTD 9 touches in the second half, and someone greenlighting the prevent defense. Funny thing was, it didn't look like Quentin was playing prevent when he pressed Reche Caldwell on the outside and wound up bare assed in front of the whole world.

It all sucked. Individually, they were questionable decisions, together, they were too much amidst many, many other factors in our demise.

The Penalties.

Drayton Florence. Shane Olivea. Bad decisions. Bad decisions that we could not overcome. Singularly, maybe not so bad. Combined with the other horrendous atrocities just too much to overcome.

The Leadership.

On the field and off, there was none. Save Donnie Edwards and LTD, on field leadership was non-existent. Who was there to slap Drayton back into reality when he lost his head feeling obligated to smash helmets with a lineman allowing the Patsies drive to continue? Who was there to clearly define the situation on fourth down when Marlon picked off the pass? Who was there to get E. Parker out of his game long funk? No one. Not a coach, not a player, not a God. No one. Just an undisciplined group of guys playing a pickup football game on a patch of grass in San Diego. Inexcuseable. Who is to blame? The players? The coaches? Who? Why were we so unprepared in a football game of this magnitude?

Points off Turnovers.

Three Tom Brady interceptions.

Zero points.

The Solution?

Fucking fire everyone. Everyone. All the coaches. Drayton. Eric. Vincent. All of 'em. It's either change nothing, or change it all. But, that culture that was born yesterday needs to be killed like a bad disease. Otherwise it will continue to fester and plague us for the forseeable future. I have never in my entire existence seen a more poorly played football game than the one I witnessed yesterday, and yes that includes the never to be spoken of again Leaf years. And it's even worse to think that had any of these things gone another direction, we would have won the game. All things being equal, we were still in the game, despite the dropped passes, penalties, coaches and all around shit that was that football game.

What this means...

In the long run, hopefully nothing. In the short run, it means no Super Bowl. A tough 2007 schedule, a new coach perhaps, some new player personnel. Who knows? I know it means no celebrating. No more cheerleaders. No more Super Bowl dreams. Hopefully the window won't be closing, and more importantly, hopefully we haven't taken LTD's best opportunity for greatness from him. I'm sick in my heart for him.

It's also a message to the idiot Donkey fan who felt obligated to send me a text message as the final gun sounded. Don't think I have forgotton that inexcusable behavior. Your little text message will pale in comparison to the wrath you will be forced to rekon with in the very near future. Of this I swear to all that I hold holy in this world.

It also means that this...

will have to fill the void until the next September kickoff.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go drown myself in Jack Daniels and breasts.

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Ryan said...

That was poetry and I felt like crying all over again.