Friday, January 19, 2007

How About Now?

It's all but said and done that Cameron Cameron will be the new head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

That's the word around town anyway. This pretty much ensures that the next Charger Offensive Coordinator will be Marty's kid, Brian. Tell me again how happy you all are that we held onto the ole Schottenberger. Me? I don't even care anymore, which became apparent to me when I found myself in multiple conversations today regarding how I think the Padres will do this season. My take? They'll probably win the division and get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs again! Oh, maybe I do still care. Go me!!!

It's official.


CJ said...

Maybe the addition of another Schottenheimer will have the algabraeic cancellation effect.

Note: I barely passed algebra at any level. Go C-.

Jeff said...

Your a C student and a condescending dick head

Ben said...

Well, Schottenheimer the younger actually received praise this year for his work on the Jets. Still definitely don't want him directing our offense.

CJ said...

C students make all the money and get all the bitches. And, you sir, have the grammatical prowess of an autistic stripper.

Diego Jimbone said...

"a C student and a condescending dick head"

Wow, that is offensive, but yet in such a coordinated way.