Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm Alive, Damn It!

Thank God these two stopped by.

Being that I am one with the computing machine and a vast perveyor of the webnet, the machine and I have become wholly symbiotic. Translation: We both caught nasty viruses this week. Actually, I don't think the machine ever actually had a virus; I think my shitty virus protection software provider really wanted some more of my money. Fuck you, rhymes with Horton. Anyway, regardles of whether the ole Speak and Spell was sick or not, I was. That means that those of you who may have been thinking I may be dead were not that far off.

Horrible timing too, what with the Bolts about to match up with their first annihilatee tomorrow and I have done nothing to shore up the faith of the masses. Indeed if I haven't received nervous messages from friends and loved ones wondering whether it is okay to feel fear with the indomitable Patriots coming to town. Oh how the wicked masses of sports "personalities" can infects the minds of true believers when the shepherd has been seperated from the flock. Well, I'm here to tell you all to stow away your fear and sail calmly upon the serene seas of self-assuredness, for our mighty Chargers shall prevail this weekend and in the weeks to come. This weekends match-ups, en toto? Have at thee, Predicticous! (Hey, what can I say? I was inspired by CJs heavy Christian overtures regarding Bill Bitchinchek.)

Indy @ Balt
I've been picking against the filthy Ravens all year to no avail, so suck my jinx, fuckers!!!
Ravens 20, Colts 17

Philly @ New Orleans
Jeffrey Garcis is pretty feel good, but not Katrina feel good. The NFL will never allow it!
Saints 31, Eggles 28

Seattle @ Chicago
God, I hate the Bears and I don't even have a good reason. They are just lame. Too bad Seattle
Bears 21, Hawks 16

New England @ Waterloo
This game is going to be very, very close. Hold your breath.
Bolts 1000, Pats 3

997 of those points come in the last quarter, so wow, nailbiter! Not.

Go Bolts!!! As if they need to hear it from me. But seriously, Go Bolts!!!

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