Saturday, January 06, 2007

Picky, Picky.

Here we are at the big weekend where we get to find out who the Chargers' first victims shall be. It's exciting stuff to be sure, watching the cream seperate from the chafe.Her's how I know the whole thing is going to go down.

Cowgirls @ Seahawks
Everybody is so all fired up about the Girls and having them all confused with the '95 team due their supposed talent all over the field. TO? Romo? Roy Williams? I got news for you. That talent is flawed. I have to admit though, I'd be concerned if I were a Hawks fan about the voicemail I got from Mike Holmgren yesterday asking me if I'd like to come out and play a little DB for the squad today. Sorry Mike, I couldn't get a flight. I think you'll be okay, though.
Hawks 34, Girls 26

VaGiants @ Eagles
As for the other NFC joke, I just can't see Whiny McPouts-a-lot leading his team anywhere but the toilet at this point. My money's on the gay QB.
Eggles 23, VaGiants 17

Chiefs @ Colts
Everybody likes to salivate over what Larry Johnson could do the the Colts defense and with good reason. I'd be surprised to see him end up with less than 175 yards and 3 TDs. Problem is, the Colts aren't bringing their punter either and their going to score first and last. They always lose in the playoffs, but it's usually against a better team. Sorry Chiefs, that ain't you.
Colts 38, Chiefs 31

Jets @ Pats
And here's our winner. The Jets have no business being in the post season and even they have to know it. Sure they beat the Pats in New England during the regular season and Bill the Genius of the East wouldn't shake Mangini's hand, but this is the playoffs. Look for the Pats to rout the Jets and Belichek to spit on Mangini while he makes it a point to shake his hand. Seeyou next week Tom Montana.
Pats 31, Jets 13

That's how it plays out. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be off by a point on any of these picks, so go out and make yourself a mint. She agrees.

Go Bolts!!!

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