Saturday, December 29, 2007

And While We're at it...

College Football. I know. I know. This is a Charger place. Not a place for college football. But, I like football and I have something to say about something that I don't really know a whole lot about. This college football thing is interesting.

BCS? Totally unnecessary. Football rankings, sort of impossible especially in this age where everyone has a dog in the fight, well, maybe not until they reach the pro level but for example, the NBA, referrees betting on games. Much like steroids aren't solely baseball's problem, gambling isn't only going on in the NBA.

The regular season should mean something. If you have two loss teams battling it out to be number one, so be it. Football at the college level lately has been terrible. Watch one of the 32 or 89 bowl games whatever the number is and see. Everyone goes to a bowl. Everyone plays terribly in said bowl. Colt McCoy, I saw you fumble three times in your bowl game. Your BOWL GAME. Carpenter, ASU Quarterback, saw you fumble three times too. Your BOWL GAME. Number 6 on ASU, I don't know your name which is a possible impossibility, because you made the t.v. a ton by fumbling twice, one of which when the game was still close causing Texas to go in again and really put you to sleep. Punt returner for MSU? Don't know your name either, but you fumbled twice, fielding punts near or inside your own 10 yard line when your team was down a field goal against BC. BOWL GAME! Oregon State Maryland. That interception/fumble/fumble/punt series of possessions equals awesome football in your bowl game. Same goes for OSU's backup quarterback, the lefty, (Canfield? don't care to look any of this up it's college football) interception in the end zone from the 4 yard line. Bowl Game. And this UConn,Wake game. Fumble on the 2 yard line, score 10-7 UConn second half. Nice work Wake. Bowl Game. UConn way to follow up on that with a near safety/punt finish. Bowl Game. Good lord, it's like no one understands football anymore. And don't get me started on BC trying to air it out with an 11 point lead and 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter of thier BOWL GAME!!!

I miss college.

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