Friday, December 07, 2007

State of the Union...

Things are bleak folks. Don't fool yourselves into some false sense of security. The playoffs, yes they are on the horizon. Don't stand on your high horse laurels and think that this has been some kind of dominating performance. No one talks about us anymore. They are all focused on the beantowners who have yet to feel the crushing defeat of a loss with their arrogant faces stuffed firmly between the Patriot buttcheek train. Don't be fooled by that noise either. Are we any good? No. But we're underdogs and as surprising as it is, the players might eventually decide they remember how last year's gig worked and to hell with what the current adminitration preaches. Do that,.... and you might find yourself rooting for a dangerous team. Play by the rules,.... early exit my friend. It's a valid theory. Think about it. You want to play against a pissed off us? Or the normal run, run, pass us. It's in your hands boys. Handle your shit.

And if you gamble in a spread pool, take points this week. Take all the points you can get. Most dogs win outright this week. I guarantee. I'll say it again. I guarantee. I'm on the other side of the points this week and I feel like I'm looking at a spiked vagina. It's vagina. But there are big, sharp, spikes in it. Spikes. Think about that. Wrong side...

Hot girl.

At least that's the first thing that comes up when you google hot girl. She's a hot girl. I'm okay with it.

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Tenacious E said...

Personally, after last year, I'm glad we'll probably go to the playoffs 9-7 or something. I never want to go to the playoffs 14-2 again. That was retarded hurt.

I think the team looks better than it has this season right now, but I'm not expecting much post season....which is nice. Hey, if we go and dont lose to someone, "Hell Yeah! Well, what do you know!".....not, "What the Fuck?!"