Monday, December 17, 2007

Stop Hitting Yourself, Detroit!

I'm not even going to link Canepa's column today, because I can't bear to send any traffic his way, but suffice it to say that Norv Turner is completely vindicated in regards to his entire head-coaching career. And with that vindication comes the security of AJ Smith's overwhelming genius. Philip Rivers apparently had a "real good" day that wasn't helped by Antonio Gates dropping a pass in the end zone. Never mind that Gates was double-covered and has nothing to prove to anyone at this point in his career. A guy on the radio this morning pointed out how we are now the 3rd seed and if we keep that ranking we will likely play a game against Indy in the second round, which is a team we will very likely beat for some reason. Don't people realize that this is why our city is full of transplants that hate the Chargers and the Padres? Alas, most of them never really experienced the dominance of the Sockers.

All that being said, yesterday was a really fun day to be a Chargers fan. As our team kept up with it's time-honored tradition of kicking bad teams while they are down, one couldn't help but think that this team really could hang with the Colts or the Patriots. Hell, I know how drunk I was. Seriously, though, we could play with the big boys. For an undefeated team, the Pats haven't blown me away much over the last month. Indy has been scarier, and they're not even healthy, but for some reason Adam Vinitieri does not like to kick field goals against us. So we got that going for us. It doesn't really matter whether we can play with those teams or not, however, because we don't really have a choice. Those are likely the teams we're going to have to play. But keeping the 3rd seed is huge. I'll take a match-up versus Cleveland over Jax anyday. But let's get a couple things straight. Philip Rivers had a "real good" day yesterday because TBE lifted the team on his shoulders, as he is wont to do, and Norvindicated Turner didn't have to ask him to do much at all. And don't forget little Darren Sproles and his big-ole heart! Our defense and all-time Chargers record holders for INTs in a season Antonio Cromartie had a little something to do with the outcome as well. All in all, I relish the victory and for the first time this year, I have real hope. But I'm certainly not going to say that on the radio. God. Nice win, Go Bolts!!!

P.S. People at the game, stop texting me that I should be at the game. It's annoying.

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