Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sean Taylor Memorial Bowl-Take 2.

Here's my take on tonight's NFL Network game no one gets to watch, because I guess I should post some damn thing today.

Tonight’s game is a sad one for a number of reasons.

First and most importantly, it’s sad because the Washington Redskins are forced to play a game three days after the funeral of a beloved teammate; not to mention a big-time playmaker. Thanks to the NFL network for that one, I’m sure. Secondly, the Washington Redskins were unable to “win one for Sean” against an incredibly mediocre Bills team last week, and I just don’t know that they have it in them to make this their “in his honor” game either. In fact, they may not be able to properly memorialize him on the field until next season, because C) Joe Gibbs is slipping nicely into a doddering cocoon of feeblousity (totally a word in my mind anyway) and it is always sad when that happens. Seriously, I’m not sure why since I don’t get paid for anything even remotely football related, but even I’ve known you can’t call 2 timeouts in a row there since before Joe won his first Super Bowl. Lastly, and possibly most depressing of all is that both of these teams, at 5-7, believe that they are actually playing for their postseason lives. Of course, this is the NFC, so who fucking knows? Gotta go with the Bears here, because the Skins are missing one bad-ass mofo.
Bears 24, Skins 20

That was kind of depressing. Here's a hot girl-who has a name but I've never heard of her so I'm not telling you what it is-to make it up to you.

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