Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Daze... Fuck You.

No sugar coating this one. No fucking frilly happiness. No fucking hot chicks, no fucking celebrating. This was one for the ages.

I'll spare you all the minute by minute commentary that I noted throughout the debacle. If you watched, you saw. If you were any of the probable millions who watched that nationally televised shit sucking, you know. On paper, we defeated the mighty Indy Little Horses, defending Super Bowl kings. On the field, well, you know. Darren Sproles and Antonio Cromartie played fantastic games, perhaps we should have run a wishbone option with LTD and Sproles with Cromartie quarterbacking the thing Air Force style. Perhaps then we would have had more than 10 offensive points and some semblance of an offensive game plan. I think little Sproles had more all purpose yards than did the entire Norv Offense. It was certainly close enough for someone who gives a shit to look up. I for one, am not one of those shit givers.

As far as I'm concerned, the coaches look like they are completely overmatched. They also appear to enjoy dining on the finer delicacies in life of gonads and Dungy's taint. If anyone can take solace or any positivity from this game should be tied to the hood of a Pacer in the summer sun of Phoenix and flogged with a bamboo shiv until death seems pleasant. From your vanilla Pop Warner creativity on offense, to the Leafian style of quarterbacking, and the seive like defensive strategies, your systems are tired. If you are a member of this team and your title contains the words offense, defense and or staff in it, you should kindly donate your paychecks to the less fortunate and turn in your hats, and security badges and leave town post haste. You have run a mighty machine into pathetic mediocrity. Sixty year old porn stars have been less violated than the what you have brought to our squad. Bite me you assholes. How is that for clear and concise analysis? You ought to take yourselves outside and kill yourselves. But, that might be too kind. Enjoy your victory, that other shoe dropped last night and you escaped. Don't think that because you got a tally in the 'W' column you achieved any sort of success. Fuck your mouths...

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