Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gobble Gobble.

Well, tomorrow's Thanksgiving and that can mean only one thing. Bad football. Of course, how bad can it really be? The Chargers aren't going to be underachieving and outcoached anywhere near a football field until Sunday. Let's take a look. And in the spirit of thankfulness, I'll go ahead and treat you to a few random heroines from the show Heroes (Which I should totally cut, but I can't because I'm a geek and I like hot girls; but seriously they need to refine that shit a bit and maybe kill off some of the uglier characters because it's becoming one crazy clusterfuck of a program).

First off, we have the Packers at the Lions. This looks like a big match-up actually. That is, if you have a time machine and go back to three weeks ago before the upstart Lions started to fold like a Barcalounger. And, let's face it, time machines are for the rich and powerful.
Pack 34, Lions 20

Next, we have the Jets going to Dallas to face the amazing Tony Romo. Seriously, last week Tony Romo picked up a ball that was snapped over his head and instead of throwing it away in the face of pressure, he tried to force it to Terrell Owens, which resulted in an interception. The announcers called it a brilliant play by Romo. Our QB does shit like that weekly and they call it struggling. Football can be confusing. Still, Romo and the Cowgirls are hot this year. However, the Jets just derailed a hot team you may have heard of called the Pittsburgh Stee-oh, who the fuck am I kidding?
Cowgirls 38, Jerks 13

Veronica Mars. I told you I was a geek.

Last, and possibly least, we have the Colts heading to the Falcons. This is a game over half the country will have to go to a bar to see because it is being televised on the NFL Network. Funny thing is, I totally want to go to a bar tomorrow night. Sadly, not to watch this bullshit. I'm guessing there are about ten million people right now that are saying, "You know, maybe dogfighting should only result in a fine."
Colts 23, Falcons 10

Wow, I'm nearly twice her age. This post just got depressing.

Anyway, there's what I think of the Thanksgiving festivities the NFL intends to force feed us tomorrow. Also, Some of you may be wondering why I didn't say anything about Nick Canepa's column yesterday and while I was certainly tempted to point out that Nick is looking for any scapegoat he can for AJ Smith while also reprimanding the San Diego public for not being more enthusiastic about the team, I realized that I can just not spend any more time on the douche. Happy Thanksgiving, bitches!!!

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