Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Football Is Awesome.

That there was some solid vitriol from my esteemed colleague CJ, and if you haven’t read it yet you should just go ahead and scroll right down there to take a look. Bravisimo, that leaves much less for me to have to try to put into bitter bile-tasty words of my own choosing (And I also will be foregoing any picture posting). Truly, I have very little to add regarding Sunday’s coconut-fucking contest to that which has already been lucidly expressed in Michael Silver’s column that I linked yesterday, or CJ’s far more urban take previously mentioned. I would, however predictably, like to point out how much of a douche local sportswriter Nick Canepa is, though. In less than 24 hours Canepa went from this actually somewhat insightful rant about the shortcomings of the Charger coaching staff during our unlikely victory over the defending Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts to this piece, where he calls out the city of San Diego for being a bunch of worthless ingrates for scoffing at a victory over the defending Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts that gave our team a lone share of 1st place in the AFC West. There’s no clichĂ© in sports I adore more than “A win is a win.” So what’s with the flip flop, Nick? I’ve never seen someone’s backbone shatter so quickly. Or did AJ alleviate your fears by letting you sleep in mom and dads bed Monday night and send you off to sweet slumber with stories of how the AFC West will be won much the same as the Old West, with gumption and a six-gun, the very tools our cowboy GM brings to the table? More likely, BA GM AJ reminded you that there are a million other sports dogs out there willing to curl up in his lap and yap annoyingly at his detractors. Whatever the case, thank you for once again placating my overwhelming need for lunacy in San Diego sports media. No wonder people that move to San Diego can’t bring themselves to root for our teams.

In other news, I’m hearing that Quentin Jammer will return to action this week, sending Antonio Cromartie back to the bench. Let me be the first to say thank the Lord our coaches are finally taking a stand and sending a valuable message to the players! That message? “You’ve got earn your way onto this team!” Maybe Cromartie will think twice about not head butting Peyton Manning at some crucial point of the game in an attempt to intimidate the Super Bowl MVP quarterback into throwing even more interceptions. 6 interceptions to lead the league with only one actual start under his belt? Big whoop! What have you done for us lately? Like, literally in the last 15 minutes? That’s what I thought. And while we’re on the subject, what’s the deal with this Sproles character? Returns two kicks for TDs in the first quarter, and then essentially disappears for the rest of the game? That’s right, three quarters, no TDs. If he can’t dedicate himself to playing an entire 60 minutes of football on Sunday, I’m sure AJ can find someone who can. This entire team is skating on thin ice as far as I’m concerned. Go AJ!!!

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