Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On the Brief...

Since the Quick Hits have been adopted and some may say pirated around internetland, we're stuck with the On the Brief from here on out, random observations with regard to football, boobs, and all things completely irrelevant to rational thought...

*The Bolts continued their march through the pathetic attempts at professional footballing squads this Sunday on the home front. Good God was that an awful football game. It only took one half of a game to decimate Texas. Let's hope the momentum continues when a real team takes the field against us.

*Steroid investigations in baseball continue to take top billing in the sports world. Needless to say, that instead of subjecting myself to the cage match this opening evening between Vince McMahon and David Stern, I opted for minor league boxing in the form of ESPN's "Original Entertainment" (term used very loosely) "The Contender". In which two 170+ pound UFC flunkies put on a display of playground slugging the likes of which are unmatched in the lack of any recognizable skill sets, all the while showcasing physiques that are humanly impossible to achieve. Jesus Pete, one guy had the Cascade Mountains growing out of his back, one of which had an active lava flow. Apparently these guys don't have access to the high grade horse semen that most real professional athletes are mainlining in this millenium. But hey, it's those baseball players that are really abusing the drugs.

*This gambling season has been a bit more successful than years past. How you ask am I able to compete with the Vegas odds being so skewed? Take the points my friends. Take the points. Except when the Vikings are on the field. God damned Vikings and their Purple Fucking Jesus.

*It looks as if the fire danger is behind us for the time being. For the most part it appears that everyone in our circle is fine and has survived this ordeal relatively unscathed. Some of our stomping grounds are gone and that's sad, but we cannot live in the past. Rebuild and cut relief from the boundaries of your properties, then invite the cheerleaders over to spark the party to the new level. With enough lube, you should be able to avoid any unnecessary sparks from friction.

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